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Marbella’s prime location, with winter temperatures that rarely drop below 10 degrees and a moderately warm summer season have made the city one of the destinations of choice for spending a holiday – not only during the summer but also for the rest of the year.

The old town centre and its attractions

One of the charms of Marbella is its old town centre, which preserves the essence of the first civilizations that settled here. It is made up of narrow streets that take you to the city’s main squares, like Los Naranjos. Right in the heart of the city is found the Church of La Encarnación, a temple of great cultural wealth. Everywhere you’re surrounded by the area’s native flowers, which give a touch of colour to the characteristic white façades and the castle’s Moorish monument.

Marbella’s old town has museums and monuments dating from the 9th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, which take you back to the first settlements in Marbella. Such as the Roman, Visigoth, Arab and Christian civilizations. Hotel San Cristobal is located next to all these cultural attractions, and the endless number of leisure activities that Marbella offers in its old town centre. Come and discover a magical city.

Marbella is not only known for its high quality beaches, bathed by the Mediterranean, but it is also a major tourist attraction for any travellers who, in addition to seeking sun and beach tourism, also want to delve into the archaeological heritage of the city and its comprehensive cultural agenda, with activities held throughout the year.

A centuries-old culture

The history of Marbella is told through its Moorish and Christian vestiges, which intermingle with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants that cater to the needs of visitors. Furthermore, guided tours costing €5 are run every Friday, starting at 11 a.m. They depart from the Tourist Office, located at Plaza de Los Naranjos.

Marbella gives you the chance to discover the curiosities of the city, which are hidden behind the buildings – all with a great historical and architectural richness.

Among many other cultural activities, Marbella has the following cultural offerings:

Excellent infrastructure and communications

But if there is something truly significant in Marbella, and that defines it as the best known coastal municipality in the area, it is its tourist infrastructure, with facilities that are the main attraction for international travellers.

To this can be added its perfect communications with other neighbouring cities, by road as well as by plane or boat, as La Bajadilla Port is designed to accommodate larger cruise ships.

Sports, leisure and relax

The characteristic climate in Marbella, with 320 days of sun a year, allows visitors to enjoy a large range of outdoor activities, such as walking, skating and cycling along the Promenade that runs directly to Puerto Banús. All whilst enjoying an idyllic landscape.

Amongst the sea-related activities on offer, diving at the Port and hiring a boat service to do some dolphin spotting in addition to hiking excursions, mountain biking and off road routes at the nearby Sierra Blanca mountain range are all worth special mention. You can always put your adrenaline to the test at the karting circuit and the Cable Ski.

Another sporting highlight in Marbella is its golf courses; visitors can practice their game at the 15 courses the city has to offer.

Nature, trekking, mountain biking, 4x4...

Marbella’s famed climate is largely due to the Sierra de las Nieves, which gives the city a unique natural wealth. This natural environment begins barely 5 kilometres from Marbella’s old town centre, and a visit to this area shouldn’t be missed.

Visit the heart of the “Sierra de las Nieves” natural park, listed as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Among the activities that can be enjoyed here are tours through the Enchanted Forest, horse riding, guided tours and trekking.

Any time of year is a great time to visit the Sierra de las Nieves. Each season has its own range of colours and features. Springtime features an immense variety of flowers and vegetation, while in summer the sound of fresh water running through the streams and waterfalls invites you to rest and relax.

In turn, autumn is known for a festival of reds and ochers which gives way to winter, giving you the chance to enjoy the sight of snow – in stark contrast to the beach in the same area.

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